Suruga Bay – japanskt öl

(nr 11048)

Visited regeringsgatan passagen (systembolaget) yesterday and got myself some expensive beer. I bought a couple of imperial stouts and a bottle of lost abbey mayan apocalypse. But the most outlandish bottle was the japanese imperial IPA from Baird Beer.

I don’t think anyone is interested in a straight forward review of the beer, you got ratebeer/beer advocate for that… So I’m going to push this post to another issue – transporting and storing IPA. In sweden, since I work at our alcohol/beer monopoly I got full insight in how we do this, systembolaget gets the product in cases and puts the bottles on a lit shelf in room temperature. The bottles will be there until someone choses to buy one (or more, often just one bottle). The time from all the bottles from a case of IPA, say Sierra Nevada torpedo, goes up on the shelf until the last bottle is bought can be up to a week… And that is just the shelf time. Think of the transport time from where ever the beer is from. I’m ranting. But seriously, IPA is a fucking drag in Sweden. The only IPAs that taste really good is the ones in cans.

That’s how I feel when I drink this…and of course, I feel like I need to drink it in Japan.




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