Hop stand, second time around.

UPDATE! See bottom.

Over two years ago I posted some reflections after a brew day. I had tried doing a hop stand for the first time and I was excited. Even though I don’t remember exactly how the beer came out I think I remember it was good! Here’s a link to the post.

Today I did another batch exercising the hop stand technique. It was also one of those clear out the hop storage brews.

I used the pump in the braumeister this time to make sure the hops stayed in suspension, I believe the hops will release more oils that way instead of stacking up at the bottom. With a immersion chiller hop stands are super easy. For my 50-liter braumeister I cooled down until I reached two degrees above my target (today I used 88°c, 71°c and 65°c) and then turned the water of and waited for a while until the temp was right. There’s a lag time and therefore this method works really well. The first rest was 10 minutes long and the second and third was 15 minutes each. With a total of 45 minutes hop stand the cool side of the brew day is ridiculously long!

As last time I used the BYO article on hop stands, link: http://byo.com/boiling/item/2808-hop-stands

Until the beer is fermented I can’t say more than that the wort smelled fantastic! I will do a tasting update later on and until then, here’s some pictures and the recipe.


The bowl to the right says 60° but I threw in the hops at 66.DSC07830-3 DSC07832-4 DSC07833-5 DSC07834-6

Malt and mash:

64°c fo 75 minutes, 76°c for 15 minutes.
Adjust water to 280 ppm SO4.

88% Pale malt
6% Carapils
2% Caramunic I
2% Red Wheat (Bries)
2% Beet sugar


Bittering – Magnum 37.4 IBU, Herkules 17 IBUs.

Hop stand – Veriety/AA%/Grams for stages 1 to 3.
Simcoe /11.7/ 12, 12, 8
Chinook /11.9/ 10, 10, 18
Centennial /10.3/20, 20, 27
Citra /11.9/ 30, 30, 30
Mosaic /11.5// 9, 9, 10
Columbu/Tomahawk/ 16/ 30, 30, 30

Update 6/7/15

Gravity reading 1.012 after 8 days. I raised the temp from 18 to 20c yesterday. I’ll be kegging with some gelatin on monday. It’s pretty cloudy right now.


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