Recension: Slottskällan Eight


Pour: Black with reddish hues in the edges of the glass, thick foamy brown head that holds up great. A bit hard to pour, it’s very carbonated or to warm.

Nose: Citrusy to grape to pine, grainy and a bit of roast. Maybe a hint of marzipan.

Taste: A fresh bitterness that is more fruity and citrusy than dank and piny.  A bit of licorice but not a lot of roast character. I can still, or at least I think I can, feel some bitterners coming from the dark grains. Second mouth I couldn’t find none. A bit of alcoholic warmth, understandable with an ABV at 8%. More sweet than dry, could have been a bit drier/crisper.

Mouth feel: A bit too much Co2, the mouth feel is too thin after the fast disappearance of the Co2.  When the Co2 left the beer the mouth feel got a lot better.

Overall: The hop character gets a bit soapy, something I detect in some bottles. It’s not always there in a beer, but sometimes – and this is one of those times. Anyhow, it’s a good beer! I should have drunk it a bit colder, it’s about 12 degrees c now.

This is one of the few Black IPAs on the market in Sweden, I preferred this to Prince of Darkness (is that the name?) from Sigtuna.