Visiting my friend Roger at Café Proviant (brew pub)


Today I went to drop of a hop plant at Café Proviant in Stockholm where my friend Roger brews beer every Sunday. It was the first time i visited during a brew day and they have a nice little setup with a 200 liter Braumeister brew system and four (If I remember correctly) temp. controlled fermentation tanks. They also have a 50-liter pilot/yeast starter system which they use to brew batches for growing yeast. The small batch beers are also served to the customers.

Today they brewed a pilsner with 55% munich malt, a bit unorthodox if you ask me but Roger is not known for following the rules. He gave me sample of 100% brett from the fermentation tank and it was great! Super clean with ripe mango fruit notes.

Another beer I tried was the bitter which is a 2.9% beer and it was just amazing! I really do enjoy great session beers. Thank you for the pint Roger!

Here’s some pictures and the restaurant is well worth a visit, not just for the beers but their menu looks tasty as well. The address is Arbetargatan 33.DSC07889-2 DSC07890-3

The 200-liter system (I guess the 500 as well) has a manometer showing the pressure inside the tubes pumping wort. According to Roger sometimes the pressure has to be corrected.DSC07891-4

Pilot brew working on a wit. (I named it wits and tits, I don’t think they will use it though)DSC07893-5

Bitter and hop plant. I hop it survives!DSC07895-6 DSC07896-7 DSC07897-8 DSC07899-10



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