lacto basilius ain’t all that!

I find that the sour beers done with sour mashing or post boil fermentation with lacto basilius lacks the dryness and crispiness true lambics have. It’s a freshness thing, a geuze never stops being refreshing. Only too refreshing.

I believe one of the many differences is that not enough of the sugars are eaten by the yeast and the lacto.

I believe these beers would benefit from using adjuncts like maize and rice as well as sugars an low mash temps.

The beer shown below is a black current berliner weiße brewed by Dugges. It showcases a lot of the nice things these kinds of beers usually does. Low ABV, refreshing tartness, fruity esters and fruity fruit (or in this case berries). But there is also some residual sweet maltiness that fucks everything up. Excuse my language but I am serious, there is always this tiny portion of sweet, malty, left over scrap of I don’t want you there lurking. I guess it’s my new mission… terminate it!




Disclaimer: Beer infused brain wrote this post.


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