New(ish) gear – Better Bottle Fermenters

So I’ve been looking at new fermenters since I invested in a fridge and temp control. It feels like an air tight fermenter would be the next step in controlling my fermentation and conditioning further. The options available for a homebrewer are, unless you have some serious money, buckets, glass carboys and better bottle ”carboys”. The bucket is cheap but will let in oxygen, the carboys are hard to get (in sweden) and hard/risky to work with and the better bottles are expensive. There is tons of forum threads about this online if you are interested in peoples opinions.

Since better bottles are expensive and not a fun piece of equipment I haven’t gotten to it and invested. But when I saw an add at humlegårdens forum where a guy gave away 4 better bottles to the first one who came and picked them up I got my thumb out of my ass.

After almost three hours in the car I was putting my better bottles in the garage. Sometimes you score! Thank you guy who was kind enought to give them away, best of luck with your new plans.

Better Bottles


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