How to keep beer cold during competitions

One of the most appreciated things during a competition is when you can serve the guests cold beer. If you are traveling by bus or train it’s hard to bring equipment or a good cooling solution and thus you have a hard time serving cold beer for longer periods of time. This will result in a poor experience most of the time. Some beers do benefit from higher serving temperatures but most beers should be served cold or cool. And it’s always easier to let a beet warm up than to cool down holding it in your hands.

My solution to this is a light, but sorry to say, very bulky home made cooling box. It fits two 18-liter corny kegs and several ice packs. It keeps the beer cold all day, all night and even lets you have a cool pour for lunch the next day.

The construction is simple, cheap and not very durable (currently it’s also very dirty and desgusting). Here’s some pictures to help you understand:

IMG_5575 IMG_5578 IMG_5576 IMG_5577

Stuff you need to make one these:

  • Moving box, you kind find them at any hardware store in Sweden. I bought mine at k-rauta.
  • Styrofoam, I guess you kind find them at most larger scale hardware stores. I bought it at k-rauta aswell.
  • Duct tape, If you ain’t got any – get some!


  • Saw to saw all the pieces.
  • A smart or poor friend. These moving boxes are tricky! Either you need someone whose got a engineering degree or some who moves a lot.


The box is not very sturdy and will break if your lift it with kegs in it. I use a hand truck (pirra in Swedish) which i got from my grandmother when she brought home 192 cans of beer from Finland.

I also use ice packs to keep the beer cold for sessions. I figure the beer would keep cool for a while without them but they are no hassle to put in and with the hand truck the weight doesn’t matter.


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