Visiting my friend Roger at Café Proviant (brew pub)


Today I went to drop of a hop plant at Café Proviant in Stockholm where my friend Roger brews beer every Sunday. It was the first time i visited during a brew day and they have a nice little setup with a 200 liter Braumeister brew system and four (If I remember correctly) temp. controlled fermentation tanks. They also have a 50-liter pilot/yeast starter system which they use to brew batches for growing yeast. The small batch beers are also served to the customers.

Today they brewed a pilsner with 55% munich malt, a bit unorthodox if you ask me but Roger is not known for following the rules. He gave me sample of 100% brett from the fermentation tank and it was great! Super clean with ripe mango fruit notes.

Another beer I tried was the bitter which is a 2.9% beer and it was just amazing! I really do enjoy great session beers. Thank you for the pint Roger!

Here’s some pictures and the restaurant is well worth a visit, not just for the beers but their menu looks tasty as well. The address is Arbetargatan 33.DSC07889-2 DSC07890-3

The 200-liter system (I guess the 500 as well) has a manometer showing the pressure inside the tubes pumping wort. According to Roger sometimes the pressure has to be corrected.DSC07891-4

Pilot brew working on a wit. (I named it wits and tits, I don’t think they will use it though)DSC07893-5

Bitter and hop plant. I hop it survives!DSC07895-6 DSC07896-7 DSC07897-8 DSC07899-10


Mashing in with a lazy head.

Today I’m mashing in with my new grain scoop (see picture at the bottom of the post) along with some early head retention problem, regarding retaining my head and neck up due to awesome beer tasting and chatting last night.

Me and Roger started out with a imperial stout from port brewing (santas little helper) which was pretty awesome. After some home brew we went to Edvard to meet up with him and some friends. Here’s where the party really started. We enjoyed several crazy and tasty beers in the following hours. Among them Lindemans Cuvée René and a dry hopped geuze from cantillon (Cuvée des Champions) which were probably the best beers during the evening. Thanks to Edvard and Roger brought and shared these wonderful beers.

The Cuvée des Champions had a subtle spiciness to it that went really good with the sourness. Unlike the Iris form Cantillon this was not grassy at all! If you can get your hands on it, buy it!

We also tried some gose (salty-sour-leipzieg-kinda-style) and two polish beers with oak smoked wheat and willow tree bark. Tasted a lot like bacon snacks and sassafras flavored chewing gumthat has been on a subway platform for a fair amount of time. Both of them were tasty in a moderate fashion.


Except for drinking beer we also saved some dregs from the Lindeman and Cantillon gueze. There will be some pictures of the fermentation status when Edvard wakes up from his beer induced coma.

Here’s some pictures:

Hardys cursed brewOld Foghorn Grain scoopDreg cultivation

Road tripping with my three favorite designated drivers…

Beer Travel Guide – BeerAdvocate.

Just found this great feature on Beer Advocate where you can browse through locations and where to go for good beer. This will really help my trip this coming summer. Me, my girlfriend and my parents are going on a road trip down to Denmark, Belgium and France. I’m looking forward to visit a bar in a old stone building in a dark alley in Bruge drinking a tripel.

This seems like a good place for a beer experience…


An easy way to create you own ”beer trip” is to use google maps (you will need a google account) to pin out your route. How you do this is explained in this you tube video. I guess most smart phones have a google maps app that will help you navigate in foreign traffic systems. I remember when my family went on a trip to Spain and the road signs could say ”Tutti directione” (spelling?) which translates into ”all/any direction”.