Tasting notes on Every Brett You Taste

I wrote about my first brett beer in January (link to post here – http://www.beernakedblog.com/brews/every-stingy-farmhouse-police-you-smell/).

Now it’s time to taste it.

Appearance: A golden to amber color with a dense white head of medium size. A lot of bubbles rising fast through the beer, may be due to the little to warm serving temperature.

Smell: Very malty with a hint of barn funk and ripe apples. Not too many components.

Flavor: Pretty sweet, way to sweet for a saison, this may be the priming sugar and will probably be consumed by the brettanomyces during a longer conditioning. There is also a bit of tartness that will go well with the drier result i’m hoping for in time.

Overall: It definitely needs more time in the bottle to be at it’s best. Next time I wont add any or a lot less munich malt, it takes to much space in the beer and won’t let the yeast show enough. I’m looking forward to see how this ages!

And here’s your picture!



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