This year for the nationals beer naked brewery will prepare a single malt and single hop ipa for folkets val (people’s choice). We wanted to go for simcoe since I’ve been using it a lot recently and just got a feeling of how it plays. But since the American hops haven’t arrived yet. I had to change the recipe. So I’m going with the galaxy hop from New Zealand after a guy at the home brew store recommended it.

I was hoping to call the beer ’simcoe smash ipa’ cause i liked the ring to it. But hey, galaxy hops makes for a good big bang theme.

I haven’t figured out what the hopping additions will look like but I think

I’m going to be shooting for hop mania at flame out.

The grain bill is, as you know, simple. I will mash pretty low for good attenuation, around 65 c.

Water treatment will be done. I’ll guess I’m going with a shit load of gypsum. Maybe some lactic acid to keep the pH in check due to the light grain bill.

This beer will be brewed tomorrow… So i better get started!

Pz out. Tu.


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