Double deutsch

What’s this? Oh, my blog.

Today I brewed up a batch of german pilsner and münich dunkel.

My brewday started yesterday with me weighing out the malt. I went with a simple malt bill for the pils; 96% w. pils and 4% carahell. I also weighted out some munich II, dark crystal and black malt for a tiny mash to add to the split batch of pilsner.

Confused? img_20161007_182932

So this the g(R)ist.

I went along and brewed my regular batch of german pils and divided it up into two PET carboys. In one of them I also added the tiny BIAB mash. This way I got a kinda(ish) münich dunkel as well as a Pilsner.

Side BitchIAB

Tasting the two worts they did have two very distinct flavors. The pils had that aromatic floral hop character and a grassy pilsner malt background, whilst the mixed wort had a darker arak thing going on.

I added 150 grams of Hallertauer traditional at the start of the boil and the same amount at the end of it. It’s a huge amount of hops compared to other homebrew recipes (Brewing classic styles, byo, etc) but I find the Pilsner to be a OG IPA and should therefore have huge amounts of that dank green shit in it.


I rehydrated and pitched one pack of US-05 (YES I KNOW!! Wait for explanation…) into each of the carboys.


My plan is to serve this in three weeks at a oktoberfest-inspired party and needed to be ready by then – therefore the use of an ale yeast instead of a traditional lager yeast. In my defence US-05 makes a super clean beer if fermented cold and I’ve served light beers and presented them as lagers without people being able to tell the difference.

I’ll try to hit y’all back with a follow up post. No promises though.


Here’s some dope brewery art:



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