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Beer Naked Brewery consists of a group of friends brewing beer with a great interest in taste, knowledge and creativity. We are located in Täby, Sweden, and are currently brewing at a home scale. We have entered several competitions and won a few medals along the way. Even though we brew small we dream big.

We care about what we drink, you should too.

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Follow up on double deutsch

Fermented, fined, and carbonated.

The double batch faux lager experiment is about done. I’ve tried both beers and are kinda pleased. They do not taste like perfect examples of their styles but are totally drinkable and will serve their purpose.

Even though I put a shit load of hops in there they don’t have that pilsner bite. This might be the water, or the yeast.

Next batch of lager I brew will probably be fermented with a true lager yeast. It must be whats missing.


Here’s picture (Super dope ps skills right?!)


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