Stepping up my starter

When I went to check out my 300 ml yeast starter today, 2 days after making it, I could see clear signs of fermentation including kreusen and Co2. I decided to dump it all into aprox. 1 liter of starter wort.

Now it sits on my stirplate and according to mr. malty yeast pitching calculator I will not need to step it up from here to make a batch of 1.060 beer which is about what I’m planning to brew.

Here’s a picture of the small starter. (I’ll upload one with the big starter when I can see signs of fermentation.)

Trappist O starter 2 days in kreusen

Yeast propaganda

A couple weeks ago at a competition in Uppsala (Belgoträffen ’13) I bought a jar/slant of yeast from the head brewer at Slottskällans bryggeri. He was selling a couple of different strains from his own yeast collection. Here’s a link to his company:

I bought a strained named Trappist O which is supposed to be the Orval yeast strain.



Trappist O


I made a starter following the instructions on his website (I ended up with a little bit less wort) and now I’m waiting for some action.

Liten förkulturPhoto taken directly after pitch and shake… (the stuff you see in the small jar is the agar that the yeast grew on).

A couple hours later there was not a lot of activity. But hey, that small amount of yeast may not show a lot of bang.


My plans for this yeast is to pitch it into 5 kg pilsner malt, 200 gr sugar, 25 ibus of fuggles. Or something like that!